Blending Traditional Wisdom with Medical Science

and a touch of alchemy

Sharon Lindner – Medical Herbalist

Hi, I’m Sharon, a Newcastle based, traditionally trained Medical Herbalist with over 20 plus years of experience. I am a current member of NHAA and ANTA.  My focus is in supporting Digestive and Gut Health, Food Intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Natural Fertility, Women’s Health, and Functional Testing.  Servicing the areas of Newcastle, The Junction, Hamilton, Adamstown, Kotara, Charlestown, Warners Bay, Lambton, New Lambton and Cardiff.

My early teachers instilled the belief that nature may provide all that is needed for our bodies to heal and flourish.  I work to empower and educate, treating the whole person, mind, body and spirit.  My university qualifications have allowed the best of both worlds, with current scientific understanding now validating the traditional knowledge of the medicinal herbs I use daily.  Each remedy dispensed is individually hand-blended for you and your wellbeing.  I am sure you will love nature’s ingredients as much as I do.   I look forward to meeting you … Sharon Lindner

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