Quick and Simple Test to Help your Pet

We use modern electronic equipment that works from a hair sample. Our test is safe and has no harmful side effects. Medications will not affect the test. We have helped many pets suffering from complaints such as arthritis, itchy skin and digestive issues.  This non invasive test helps identify potential inflammatory triggers.

If your pet is reacting to environmental triggers, like grass, we can make an individualised desensitising remedy from the grass in your backyard if necessary.

An inexpensive way to help your pet. Like people, many animals react to foods and other products.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have more questions sharon@urbanwellnass.com.au

220 plus Items Tested for only $180

If it’s not on the list, talk to us about having it included

This program should not be construed as Veterinary advice. We make no claims to diagnose, cure or prevent disease.


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