Sharon Lindner – Natural Fertility Management

A common misconception is that age determines your fertility.  Recent studies indicate that it is not age, but the health of your eggs and sperm that really matters.

Natural Fertility Management

Sharon has a special interest in Fertility and enjoys assisting couples to achieve their goal of successful pregnancy. Up to one couple in six is having difficulty conceiving.

Sharon approaches reproductive health in a holistic way, focusing on preconception care to maximise the potential for a healthy conception, pregnancy, and baby.

Herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements essential for fertility can be prescribed along with advice about eating healthy and nutritional foods to support fertility. Herbal treatment and support have proven successful even when no medical reason can be found to explain the inability to conceive.

“Foresight the Association for Pre-conceptual Care” in 2010  (link to article) demonstrated an astounding success rate of 81% of conceptions among couples previously diagnosed as infertile.

Preconception Care

Comprehensive preconception health care has been shown to give significant benefits to reproductively challenged couples. Susan Arentz, BHSc(Hons) ND, Dip Hom; Dip Bot Med. and Dr Gemma O’Brien, BSc(Hons), PhD Syd, conducted an independent study of 67 patients on the NFM Conception Program at The Jocelyn Centre. A high proportion of the couples in this study (those in the test group) had serious fertility problems and were diagnosed as infertile. In both the test and control group, 25% of women were over 40 years of age. Results showed that 56% of previously infertile couples conceived within the first 2 months following their participation in the program and 50% of these women were in the 40+ age group.

Healthy Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

A common misconception is that age determines your fertility.  Recent studies indicate that it is not age, but the health of eggs and sperm that really matters.  Having more control over any fertility issues involves becoming more educated about the various dietary and lifestyle factors that affect each person’s health.

Herbal medicines and specific nutritional supplements can improve fertility outcomes. A healthy, highly nutritious, whole food diet is essential to provide your body with the building blocks needed to produce healthy eggs and sperm in order to create a healthy baby.

Factors affecting Fertility


Stress affects many of the hormonal systems required for healthy eggs and sperm, ovulation, conception and foetal growth. Stress alters oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone production, it imbalances blood sugar balance which in turn adversely affects your sex hormones.  Stress can also alter thyroid function which may affect a women’s ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

Immune Function

The consequences of poor immune function may be even more significant as reduced immune function can impair digestive function and circulation, which may also alter your fertility state.

Support for conception

For women: herbal treatment for Metabolic Syndromes and other issues such as PMS, Endometriosis, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Recurrent Miscarriage are provided. Even though pain and mood swings are considered “normal” in some women they are not healthy. Many symptoms of PMT are due to inadequate level of progesterone, irregularities in blood sugar, inflammation, poor thyroid function often associated with poor nutrient intake and toxins.

The most important nutrients women need for a healthy menstrual cycle include vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

For men: herbal treatment for Low libido and Sperm Count (volume, motility, morphology). Men are often overlooked in the preconception stages.  Recent research indicates that the quality of the father’s sperm is more likely to affect conception and the baby’s health.

The most important nutrients men need for healthy sperm include zinc, protein, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.