Iridology – What do your Eyes Say?

The eyes have been called the windows of the soul, and a mirror to the body.

We only need to watch our favourite movie or TV show to know that the eyes reflect mood, character and physical well-being.


What can Iridology Do?

Iridology may give you greater insight into your health and wellbeing

Iridology cannot reveal a person’s life span or impending death.

It does not diagnose diseases, such as cancer.


Iridology offers a method and practice of preventive medicine that is simple, painless and non-invasive, allowing the assessment of the body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses, by indications that show in iris colour and structure as it relates to the body.

An Iridologist does not diagnose disease.


The eyes have been called the windows of the soul,
and a mirror to the body.



The fingernails may indicate many common low grade health conditions. Some common nail characteristics provide a clue to underlying issues, such as

  • Spoon shaped nails may indicate low iron
  • Ridged and brittle nails may indicate a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet or adrenal fatigue
  • White spots may indicate low dietary intake of zinc
  • Flaky or soft nails may indicate low calcium or silica
  • Ridges on nails may indicate a magnesium or calcium deficiency or osteoarthritis.
  • Clubbing of nails may indicate an underlying heart, lung or breathing problems, such as asthma or allergies.


Tongue diagnosis dates back several thousand years and has been used by practitioners to diagnose areas of disharmony or imbalance in the body.

Tongues have different colours, shapes, surfaces and coatings which may indicate a variety of underlying concerns.